Piiluja - Kathleen Rowntree
  • Piiluja - Kathleen Rowntree
  • Piiluja - Kathleen Rowntree

Piiluja - Kathleen Rowntree

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Publisher: Odamees

City: Tallinn

Year: 2000

Original language: English

Translator: Eha Pajumets

Pages: 240

Condition: Covers worn in some places, contents in normal condition

Size: standard format, paperback

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The residents of Aston Favell had several things to be proud of: they had come second in the best-kept village competition, several houses had won prizes and there were coffee mornings organized by Mrs Bullivant (there were perhaps too many of her crocheted jug warmers, but no one had as many courage to say so). But now there was something in the village that the residents did not want - a peeper. First, he had startled a curling couple at Ellwood Farm, then the ladies at their aerobics class, and it had made the whole neighborhood uncomfortable.

For Kate Woolard, the intruder was more than just an inconvenience. A young widow slowly recovered from her husband's death and struggled with the trauma caused by her fear of loneliness.

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